Are you a business owner in Dubai and looking to make the best use of social media? Ever wondered how your competitors are attracting customers to their social media pages?

Are you asking yourself “how can I build my online presence and how can I be good at it?“. If this is what is worrying you, we have a list of tools to reach the people that matter to you the most – your target audience.

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Consider your brand’s online marketing activities as a long-term process. It’s like a savings account. You keep adding to it and every month, you earn your interest. Social media requires a similar effort. You will need to keep constantly adding content to it and your audience will gradually recognize you as somebody who is the best at what they do.

It can get a bit disheartening when you keep posting but nobody notices. To help achieve the traction at an early stage, we have listed a few tools which can help you become a digital marketing rockstar for your business:

1. Klout

You don’t always have to create new content from your end. Or as we like to call it in Digital Marketing, ‘reinvent the wheel’. You just need to bring the most helpful and relevant content to your audience.

Klout’s explore function can help you find content on topics  that will work best for you. It shows you how the content has performed regarding shares & likes on various social media platforms based on the topic you select. If you have a unique idea, Klout can still help you validate it with similar search terms and their strength. Sign up for free and start exploring the topics that are performing well within your niche or interest.

2. Canva – Empowering the World to design

The free graphic design software, Canva helps you create engaging content by means of user-friendly features and functionality. It helps you create professional looking presentations, infographics, and all sorts of graphics like Certificates, Banner Images, etc. It helps you add visual images to your content which can be shared with your followers on all the social media platforms.

With an ever-growing collection of designs present on Canva, it gives you the perfect option to market your product with ease. The photo editor option makes it easy for you to perform any changes to the image you upload. The engaging content published via Canva will help you reach your targeted audience. You can sign up for free and start creating awesome posts.

3. Crowdfire


Crowdfire is an app which can help you grow your business on many social media platforms. Through Crowdfire, you will know who follows you and who doesn’t. It will also tell you who has recently unfollowed you.

Crowdfire simply lets you understand more about user engagement. With its help, you can manage your social presence and also understand your social analytics. As of the latest update, it allows you to even connect with your company’s blog, all the key social media accounts, WordPress blog and Shopify account as well. Kickstart your marketing activities by downloading the Crowdfire app for free.


When should you hire a digital marketing agency for your business?

At an advanced stage of marketing, promoting your business locally and/or on the global level can be challenging and it should be best handled by a professional digital marketing agency.

You will find it interesting to do your own digital marketing. However, hiring a digital marketing firm can help you achieve great strategic success in the long run. At AI Digital, we offer affordable services just for your business in Dubai. We have a team of online marketing professionals, writers and designers who are highly qualified to deliver only the best quality work. We’ll help make your brand in Dubai stand out from the rest of your competition.

Our content, inbound and social media services are specifically designed for Dubai businesses.
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Imaad Khan is the Chief Inbound Strategist at AI Digital. He has multiple graduate level qualifications in Digital Marketing and over 12 years of hands on entrepreneurial experience in Dubai. His passion is to create meaningful, effective and result oriented marketing campaigns for businesses. You will occasionally find him on online forums discussing weight gain without visiting the gym. You can connect with Imaad on Twitter.