Social Media Marketing

Your customers use at least two social networks daily. We help you reach them where they come to spend their time. Social media is much deeper than just the popular networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It consists of forums, groups and virtual communities where your customers are talking about your services while completely unaware of your existence.

At AI Digital, we focus on building your brand’s presence on social media. We’ll help you be your customer’s favourite brand. We’ll also help them find you on social.

This video by Eric Qualman gives a quick overview on why every business needs to do great social media marketing. He says “We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media. The choice is how well we do it.”

What We Do For You!

Each social media marketing service listed here gives a specific result.
We will guide you on what you need for a great presence on social media and everywhere else online.

Social Audit

We perform an audit to understand the strength of your brand on social media. We also suggest what you need to be the best on social.

Social Listening

Do you like what your customers are talking about you on social media? Or are they talking about you at all? We’ll help you make sense of the chatter.

Reputation Management

One wrong tweet can make or break your brand’s online reputation. We make sure your online reputation is managed well.

Community Management

We manage your brand authority in the communities you participate in or those that you have built for your customers.

Our Affordable Services Packages

Whether you are a small business or an enterprise, we offer services that match your social media marketing needs. Choose from our packages or create your own.

300 AED /Month
  • Setup of 2 social accounts
  • 500 followers across networks
  • 16 Day Account Management
  • Audience Interaction : Once Daily
  • Reporting : Twice a Month
  • AED 50 Ad Credits (One Ad-Campaign)
  • Optional Add-On : Audience Analytics
  • Optional Add-On : Content Marketing
625 AED /Month
  • Setup of 3 Social Accounts
  • 700 Followers Across Networks
  • 20 Day Account Management
  • Audience Interaction : Twice Daily
  • Weekly Activity on 1 High Value Forum
  • Reporting : Once a Week
  • AED 75 Ad Credits (One Ad-Campaign)
  • Free Add-On : Audience Analytics - Starter
  • Optional Add-On : Content Marketing
1500 AED /Month
  • Setup of 4 Social Accounts
  • 1000 Followers Across Networks
  • 30 Day Account Management
  • Audience Interaction : Instant (5 Minute Delay)
  • Daily Activity on 1 High Value Forum
  • Creation and Management of 1 High Value Forum
  • Support for 1 Live Video
  • Reporting : Thrice Weekly
  • Basic Lead Management System
  • AED 200 Ad Credits (One Ad-Campaign)
  • Free Add-On : Audience Analytics - Business
  • Optional Add-On : Content Marketing